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Tollesbury - Village of the Plough and Sail

World War II - On Our Doorstep

This publication tells the WWII story of the men from the villages around the coast, south of Colchester (Abberton, Langenhoe, Fingringhoe, Rowhedge, Peldon, Little and Great Wigborough, Salcott, Tollesbury, Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Tolleshunt Knights and Tolleshunt Major)

World War 2 was much closer to home; the German airfields were only 60 miles away and the villages were on the direct flight path to London. As a result our losses include a number of men who did not serve in uniform but were at sea with the fishing fleet or the Merchant Navy. These men were lost with the vessels operating in what was known as “Bomb Alley” which also took a toll on the Royal Navy’s patrol craft who shepherded convoys up the east coast with its threats from mines, dive bombers, e- boats and destroyers.

This publication is provided free of charge so that these stories can be read and these people will be remembered.

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Part 1 and 2
Part 3 and 4

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