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Tollesbury - Village of the Plough and Sail

Tollesbury WWII

From Changi to Tollesbury - Alf Ward's story of captivity at the hands of the Japanese

Evacuees and then Troops - Daphne Gurton's memories of the outbreak of WWII

The White Cart Horse - Reg Houlding on the Home Guard, butchery and the commotion caused by his fathers cart horse

Learning to Jive and Jitterbug - Pearl Barbrook tells her story of working as an under-parlour maid in Colchester and dancing with the Americans

"Iris Mary" CK105 - Fay and Joe Heard recount the evacuation of Dunkirk and the dangers of fishing during WWII

We couldn't afford meat so we ate lobster - Helen Ladkin remembers the King visting Tollesbury and eating lobster, shrimp and prawns

Weapon Issue - Pitchforks - Peggy Moss tells the story of a well trained Home Guard...

The First Year - Fay Heard tells the story of how Tollesbury prepared for war and what happened after the outbreak of war

These stories were written by local people and submitted to the BBC WW2 Peoples War archive

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